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Posted Mar 16, 2014 in: Toodledo Channel for IFTTT
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Jake, two questions:

1. The IFTTT recipe that I'm using for new starred Gmails is successfully sending emails to my ToodleDo account and creating new tasks. It is properly setting the Priority and Folder via the dropdowns in the recipe, however there is no dropdown for Due Date (or anything else). I assume is simply just because they haven't been added to the channel/interface yet?

2. Having said that, I am trying to set the Due Date using the email syntax per the ToodleDo help page. My IFTTT subject line is:

Handle Email -- {{FromAddress}} - {{Subject}} - {{ReceivedAt}} #today

Unfortunately when it creates the task, it is not parsing the #today tag and just keeps it as a literal part of the task name. This is strange because when I send an email to my ToodleDo account from Gmail with this tag, it parses properly. So there seems to be something strange going on with how ToodleDo is parsing IFTTT-specific emails. Any thoughts?

Posted Feb 12, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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Like many others, I have been using Ultimate To-Do List, although I use the ToodleDo website much more frequently. No Android apps currently come close to matching its functionality...but there's no reason they can't.

FWIW I contributed to the Backer campaign, and am willing to contribute some hours as a Project Management/Change Management/Testing resource if it helps move this along.