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I've been having a similar problem with my iOS apps both on iPhone and iPad. I WAS NOT on 14.2 and my apps were not syncing. Evertime I tried to reset and login with my password I received a login failed error.

I reinstalled the app and tried several more times with same results. So, I figured I install the 14.2 iOS update. Still will not login.

It appears there is a problem with the app. How about some guidance here ToodleDo!!!
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Posted Mar 30, 2014 in: Android App Crowdfunding Project
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Congrats guys, it appears that people are truly interested in an Official android version. I am a new user via TRO at Priacta and a big user of Tags. I looked at the list of goals on the crowd funding peg and didn't see Tags as a goal. Can you let me know of adding Tags to the current Android app is on the development list? While I use contexts, the flexibility of Tags has great power.

Thanks in advance,