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This really is good news. I was a Toodledo user for many years, but like many others, I jumped ship after it became clear that the previous owners were letting it stagnate. I see you've re-enabled the forums. Increasingly after the previous owners took over, a large chunk of the new content posted by users had been complaints, and no doubt that's why they disabled the forums altogether!

I'd definitely consider returning to Toodledo if I saw signs of development and investment, and I'm sure other people would too. Toodledo has been great, and it could be again...

Posted Feb 04, 2010 in: iPhone app updated to version 1.5.7
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The option to display the entire text of tasks is HUGE for me - fantastic! Up till now I've mainly used the iPhone app just for adding new tasks when out and about. But this really makes it usable when viewing existing tasks too.