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I really like the new client. In fact, I prefer to use it on my iPad than the native Toodledo app.

If I might make a request, would there be a way to add some sort of quick entry of tasks to the mobile client? Right now if I want to add a task I:

1) Tap the "+ Task" button
2) Enter the name of my task
3) Tap "Add"
4) Watch the hotlist flicker
5) View the task details
6) Tap the folder button
7) Watch the folder window come up
8) Select a folder
9) Select the due date (optional) button
10) Select a date
11) Go back to Hotlist (or wherever)

That's 10+ steps to add a task to a folder with a due date. One of the key things about having my task list on-the-go with me is the ability to rapidly add tasks as I think of them.