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Posted Jan 14, 2016 in: Goals Feature
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  • Miloo
  • Posted: Jan 14, 2016
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I'm just starting the new years work flow and I agree completely with everything mentioned above about the need of goals and measurement of progress in relation to them. I love toodledo as a task manager and used for 1 year as my go-to, but looking back on that year that passed and not be able to see all the progress in working towards the "goals" is really an issue since it is very dismotivating (it basically feels like you haven't done any progress at all). At the moment I need to try to find the feature somewhere else since it's really too important to be without for long term task management and planning. As said this is something where really shines as a good example. I really hope to see the feature soon, or at least an integration with an application that can supply such tracking. Even being able in the statistic section view specific goals as how many tasks done vs how many left + how much time spend on finished tasks and how much time left for unfinished tasks would be make a huge difference as a temporal solution. Otherwise thanks for a fantastic app!