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Posted Jun 10, 2015 in: Toodledo Android App
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Greetings - has anyone found a workaround to stop archived folders showing up in the official Android app?

I noticed someone said in this topic that "deleting the application data, uninstalling and reinstalling the latest app from google play." worked for them. It didn't for me.

(They aren't shown in Ultimate To Do List - but I am not sure it's UI will grow on me - then again, I don't love Google's material design, so tough luck, really.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Posted May 29, 2015 in: Android App Updated and Redesigned
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Looks like you've been doing a lot of really great things in the year and a half since I tried you last. I've barely skimmed it all.

However, so sad to see Toodledo moving toward Material Design. I find the floating add button an annoyance. I don't add all the time on mobile devices, it's not what I do most - yet there it is, in the way all the time. I also detest the garish primary colors - the whole design is a complete distraction. I stopped using Google's Gmail app because looking at it is like a stab in the eye. Type Mail is far better. In general Google's UX/UI is dreadful but because they do something everyone follows along regardless.

The lack of manual reorder via drag drop had always been a deal-breaker for me with Toodledo but I was about to try subtasks to see if I could manage with just those being drag-droppable. I'm more than happy to pay for the right web based & Android app combo. So now I have to consider trying other apps that can sync with Toodledo. Probably one layer of compromise too much. Such a shame as there's so much to love about Toodledo.

All the best...Jo