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Posted Jun 19, 2013 in: Possible improvements and new features
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Saved Views

Many of the features in the Android App Ultimate To-Do would be great additions to ToodleDo, without them I might have moved on to another program but Saved Views is one I would like to see implemented on the web.

How I sort, filter, & view one folder is completely different than another.
When I am doing my weekly review I need a whole other sort & filter. Completely un-doable on the web without loosing my setup for general use.

Posted May 16, 2013 in: Toodledo Toosdays: Optional Tasks
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Does it just use the due date to 'remove' the task or also the time?

ie If I have something that needs to be done by 10am on the 20th, will it still show at 5pm?