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Posted May 19, 2015 in: Improvements to Tags
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This is extremely helpful. I use my tags to track who is involved in any project or task. Sometimes that involves multiple people. When someone leaves my office and their position is filled by someone else, I can now transfer all those tags to the new staff member. Fabulous.

The ability to just "clean-up" tags is great too.

Posted Jan 29, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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Very, very exciting. I've been a Toodledo fan for years. I've flirted with other systems due to the lack of an Android App. I'm glad you all are finally making the jump.

Although I think the new app looks good so far, I echo the suggestion that you check out Ultimate To-Do list. That's was the most effective substitute I had found. It usually avoided the issue of duplicate task creation I kept running into, especially when I marked tasks completed on the NYC subway. Please remember us tunnel travels with spotty internet connections!

Very best wishes with the new acquisition.