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Posted Dec 19, 2021 in: Hiding an Item thats not due yet?
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I use Start Dates instead of Due Dates because that's more relevant for the way I work but same premise.
Create and save a Search like this:

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How about starting by telling us who "we" are?
Nothing helps instill confidence more than a sudden, secret, anonymous takeover.

Posted Nov 09, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Posted by erhenius:

I switched to Clickup, The inbox is indeed a bit meh. HOWEVER, Clickup is so customizable that it is a non-issue. They have frequent updates adding functionality. Once you go through the program and some YT videos you see how crazy powerful the service is.

erhenius Which Clickup plan did you find met your needs? Free or Unlimited $60/year?
While I expect to pay for a good service I became skeptical with what seemed like car salesman like upsells.
If you're on Unlimited for example, are you still being upsold to higher plans or any À la cart features?

Posted Aug 16, 2019 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Looks like the newly hired CEO Aaron has already left the company. Can't be a good sign...