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  • dktom
  • Posted: Jun 11, 2009
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Jake, I hope that you get more business as a result of this unfortunate event from folk who can see you are serious about your customers. Clearly you are a person of high integrity and have handled the situation with utter speed and professionalism. Thank you for such a useful solution which has replaced all manner of database solutions that rely on me being fixed to one machine. Toodledo does it for me with enough customization without being over complicated. I use the app on the road on my ipod touch, in front of customers and with suppliers to find data and update data, I then get infront of my office PC or my macbook at home and bingo the data is there ! It trounces ical and mail note syncing and I can copy and paste from it into word, excel, numbers, pages etc. I feel sure that you will implement the necessary technology to help prevent a reoccurrence. In the meantime I am going nowhere ! Thanks again. Tom Ashworth Cambridge UK