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Posted Jun 11, 2013 in: Sync with MS Project and Outlook
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Hi there,

I am working on something for me, but wondered if there was any appetite to submit what I am making for greater use.

Where I work, we are now required to create our software development project plans in MS Project (2003). This doesn't really work for me as I have been using ToodleDo for as long as I can remember. In the past, I have built a tool in Excel that pulls my tasks and from ToodleDo to create Gantt charts to send out with project updates and so forth.

As I am now required to do my planning in MS Project exclusively, I intend to build a similar tool for MS Project with some intelligence (hopefully) to facilitate two way synchronization. i.e. The ability to update a task or status on any device, and have my overall plan updated.
As you can't build Add-Ins for MS Project like you can in Excel, it will be the in the form of a MS Project Template which will add a new toolbar and a couple of forms. Unfortunately, as the code will include an API key, I'll need to lock down the modules and forms.

If you feel that this is something that will work for you, or if you want the source code (minus the sensitive stuff), please let me know, and I will provide it.