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  • Michael
  • Posted: Nov 29, 2012
  • Score: 3
Yeah, I can't see "contexts" on my hotlist screen. can there be a way to show contexts over some of the other fields displayed? Or in addition to them?

Also, it seems like you decided on a slightly new color scheme, an off-white/taupe of some kind. Would you possibly see it fit to allow users to customize the background? I don't think any task list does it, you guys would definitely be the first!

Also, when scrolling through my hotlist, as soon as go down and then come back up the top of the task list is now the "Add new task" box. Well, I don't always want to add new tasks. Is there a way you can make that UI element "springy" or something so it's only displayed when you want to see it? And not when you're just scrolling back up through your task list.