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Posted Mar 14, 2013 in: Notes Under Tasks - Hide on Refresh
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How did I miss that!!!!

Posted Mar 12, 2013 in: Notes Under Tasks - Hide on Refresh
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Love Toodledo and been using it for years but one thing I find quite annoying that I can not seem to fix is when I open my To-Do list in the morning or refresh my screen during the day all the notes under each task expand out so I can see them for each and every task.

Is there any way to stop this happening by default? I would like to see the notes only when I click the notes expand button.

Thanks in advance :)


Posted Jan 19, 2012 in: 2011 In Review
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Jay I use toodledo daily on my andriod phone. Yes it's not developed by the guys but that's what the API is for. I use DGT GTD it's free on the andriod market and you just need to install their toodledo sync plugin and it works perfectly!

Guys I love your site just changed jobs and renewed my pro subscription keep up the fab work you are doing.