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Posted Mar 14, 2019 in: Page reload when task completed
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Switched to the new version and it's still automatically reloading when I check off a task. This is very annoying; beyond making it take longer to check off multiple tasks, I have always considered it a feature rather than a bug that I can see all the tasks I've checked off since the last time I reloaded the page. Seeing everything I've already done marked off is a great motivator. Now that's been taken away. Not pleased with the change at all.

EDIT: Correction--changing to the new Toodledo worked once I got the page to correctly refresh. Now I just get to adjust to a bunch of visual changes instead.

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Posted Oct 26, 2015 in: Tasks Redesign (part 4)
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The other updates have been quite smooth and easy to adjust to, so even if I didn't particularly see a need for them it's all been fine and I do have to agree that it's a sleeker look now. With today's update, though, I have to object. I won't go too in depth because I'll just be repeating what others have said, but I strongly disagree with the decision to move the 'Add Task' button to the far right of the display. It is, as you said, a very important button. Given its importance, why has it been banished to the far right when the task bar, check-off and action buttons for tasks, and quick add window are all on the left side? There are very few items on the right side of the screen that I use day to day, so putting the most important button in no man's land like this is very jarring.