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Posted Oct 29, 2015 in: Breadcrumb Bar Update (part 3)
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Loving the updates and enjoying the journey!

I am reminded of one request which I made before to have a dedicated button to invert between two sets of Contexts.

My use case is that I have one set of Contexts for work related activities and one set for personal related activities. This is in addition to using Folders to distinguish between different Work and Personal Projects using Folders.

In work I have the Work set of Contexts selected in the web app running in a browser on my work PC so I can stay focused on work related tasks. When I get home after work, I use the web app on my home MAC to switch to the Home set of Contexts which means opening the new dropdown/popup dialog and finding the Invert text and clicking on it. Usable but ... in an ideal world I'd rather have one button on the Breadcrumb bar or on the top of page toolbar (on the RHS where the Add Task was temporarily).

A compromise might be a machine specific Context selection which would obviate the need for the Invert action twice (or more) a day. So my work related PC browser would show one set of Contexts while my home MAC browser would show the inverse set of Contexts.

Does anyone have an alternative ultra low resistance suggestion given that I am an old dog very set in the way(s) I use Toodledo?

Thanks for reading :)

Posted Jan 07, 2014 in: Toodledo Channel for IFTTT
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Thanks for this. Adding IFTTT significantly increases the value of Toodledo for my GTD flow. I can now move actions I was capturing to Evernote directly into Toodledo - my preferred action capture system.

To maximize the utility I'd like to have Action Fields for Start Date (with Default = Today) and Context. This would help fit recipes like Watch YouTube Later more directly into my GTD flow bypassing Inbox processing for this type of activity.

Posted Sep 20, 2012 in: Support for Drafts
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Any plan to support posting from Drafts?

Even with the new sharing integration in iOS6 Drafts gives me a good way to quickly add notes to various other apps including Evernote and various other task/list managers.

I understand it requires URL schemes to add tasks (support ticket #35380)

In the meantime I can use their email sharing to send to TDD.

EDIT: With the Toodledo update from last night there's a link to iOS Reminders so I can use that to get tasks into Toodledo from Drafts in the meantime.

Thanks - I'm a big fan - TDD has really helped me streamline my GTD.

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Posted Sep 15, 2012 in: The 'thought' context
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I use tags for this.

Each Task that has a dependency on someone else on my team/family gets tagged with that person's name e.g. "Joe" then when I am meeting them I can pull up all relevant Tasks and run through them. This shows Tasks that I am Waiting for their input/response or that I want to Delegate to them.

Posted Jul 19, 2012 in: Toodledo Redesign - July 2011
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One feature that would make my life a lot easier is a one click facility to change between two sets of contexts to allow me switch between work and non-work contexts.

Currently the user has to select the Show drop down and then click on "invert" in the Show Contexts menu - having a button on the toolbar to do this directly would make switching from work to non-work Contexts a sinch!

I'd easily sacrifice the print button on the tool bar for this - who prints any more? :)

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Posted May 15, 2010 in: Iphone app & Notebook feature
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While I use both Evernote and OneNote for different reasons, I would also like to have the Toodledo notes sync with my iPhone using the Toodeldo app. I use it for checklists which would be good to have in my hand!