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Posted Jul 01, 2010 in: A little fire underneath your seat
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I have found Toodledo's interface to be the easiest to use and understand of all the online task managers. For me, the user interface is actually one of the best parts. Everything is visible and changeable right from the list. I can see the complete picture of what needs to be done without having to click on individual tasks or open up flyouts or whatever. Everything seems intuitive in terms of the way the tabs are set up. I spent years with RTM and could never get used to what to me was a bizarre and rather ugly UI. I've also tried several other ones with pretty UIs which look really nice in the screencast but fall apart or get clunky if I try to put in real tasks.

It is also misleading to say that Toodledo did not do well in the lifehacker poll. Lifehacker is very pro-Gmail, so it doesn't surprise me that Google tasks comes in first, but Toodledo's showing is very respectable--they've made up a lot of ground on RTM. Basically Toodledo is the second most popular task manager on the web.

Here are the results:

Which To-Do Manager Is Best? (Poll Closed)
Google Tasks 22.3% (2,018 votes)

Paper 22.6% (2,046 votes)

Remember the Milk 17% (1,535 votes)

Things 9.9% (900 votes)

Toodledo 12.7% (1,145 votes)

Other 15.5% (1,407 votes)

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Love the new e-mail options. Now I can e-mail a task and don't have to deal with it on the website or the iPhone until it needs to be done. I'm also really happy about the support for forwarding Japanese e-mails, since I get a number of them. A lot of tasks get generated from e-mails, so this is going to be a big productivity enhancement for a lot of people.