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Posted Oct 07, 2015 in: Goals Feature
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  • Posted: Oct 07, 2015
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Goals and projects are very important point for me and a locical consequence of a full perspective task management. I hope that will be stronger implemented and the link between task habits and goals. Thank you !

Posted Jan 12, 2015 in: How do you Toodledo?
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  • Posted: Jan 12, 2015
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Hi Bridget,

I use Toodledo to organize my life and focus/track my goals, projects and tasks.
So I use:

- Goals section für my goals (private and business)
- Folder section for my projects (unfortunatley not "direct" asigned to the goals)
- Context for area of life (like business, social, health, spirit ....)
- Tasks for the actions related to the projects or direct to the goals

The last 10 years I tried several task/goal mgmt sercices and I always returned to Toodledo because of the wide range of functions and the stability behind.

If I had a wish, I would like to have:

1. A function like projects to realize a workflow from goal => project => task => subtask.
2. A more practical UI to view progress and the connection between goals, tasks, habits, maybe list and so on...
3. Windows Phone support; the plattform is growing... ;)

I like the new Habits section very much and the design. A possibility to link this to goals/projects/task would be great.

Thanks for the great work !