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Brian Spoelhof

Posted Apr 05, 2014 in: Change Completion Date
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I to have just come looking for a solution. I guess this isn't a given yet.

Personally, I am using toodledo for multiple things. Obviously as a todo list, but also as a way to track all of the projects that I am working on through out the week to document what I have done. It is more of an annoyance than anything else that it shows I have completed tasks late if I put them in next day. (I know a bit nurotic - but maybe that comes with that territory of todo lists?)

Anyways - I propose that maybe exporting the task as a CSV, edit it in excel and import? I haven't tried it. A bit cumbersome but at least it get's it fixed for the time being.

And if you want you can go and fix several at once.

At least a thought.