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Posted Mar 24, 2013 in: Strange way of Subtasks display
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  • Ami
  • Posted: Mar 24, 2013
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Thanks for the app.

I am exploring the use of subtasks (now that I have upgraded),
ans encountering strange display problems.

for example: I had set a main task with five subtasks.

when I would open the tasks window on my Chrome navigator, i would see a main task (with the little logo mentioning that there are subtasks hidden),
the main task name was not the one I put, but one of the subtasks names.
Once I clicked on the little main task logo, the subtasks would unfold and be seen, and the main task "resumed" to have its proper name...

Since today, another strage behavior...
I set again an example of a main task+5 subtasks.
Once I open the browser window, all (main and subtasks) appear like main tasks !!!
once I click on one of them, I get back the good display of a main task and the subtasks in indentation...

Is there anything I can do to clear those strange ways of displaying the tasks and subtasks?

Many thanks,


Posted Feb 05, 2013 in: Text display problem subtasks
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  • Ami
  • Posted: Feb 05, 2013
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I just pruchased a few days ago the pro option so to use subtasks.

The tasks are hidden, and I have to clock on the major task to show the subtasks. Great!

I seem to have a strange problem: when I ope, the webpage task manager, I often notices that the text displayed on the main task area is the text of one of the subtasks ..???
When I click on this line, it changes into the text of the main task, and open the list of the subtasks.

Is it normal?

If not, what can I do to stop it?
I wish to be able, when the subtask list option is closed, to read the text of the main task.

Many thanks for your understating.


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  • Ami
  • Posted: Dec 04, 2012
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Hi LockeNYC,

Thanks to your idea, and a backup I did a few weeks ago,
I reinstalled toodledo 2.4.2.ipa

Thank you,


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  • Ami
  • Posted: Dec 03, 2012
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Posted by Jake:
We are working really hard on an update to address lots of these problems.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet, which I guess I should point out, is that this design isn't really new. It's the same design that our mobile website ( ) has had for almost a year. We didn't get any complaints about our mobile website, so we thought it was pretty good to standardize. Obviously we were wrong.

Thank you Jake,
I, like others, didn't use the online mobile version of the website.

Let me stress again:
As I discover GTD and David Allen, and as the way I use to work,
I am looking for efficiency.
With the older graphics, tasks were easy AND QUICK to read, to handle, move from folder to folder etc.

That seems to be the reason of my requests, which seem to be shared by others.

I, too, believe that Toodledo is more that great,
me feedbacks refer to the grafic presentation.

Many thanks for your attention,
and the participation of all of you.


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  • Ami
  • Posted: Dec 02, 2012
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Posted by stu.kruse:
Is anyone struggling with the two big bugs that are now causing me a major headache?

1) Unresponsive - i.e. tasks don't mark as done for at least 5 seconds after you click on the 'tick box' to show you've completed them.

Thanks for listening,


I noticed the same problem too.
Which can lead to confusion: clicking "done" several times and not knowing whether the task was sent to completed or not.


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  • Ami
  • Posted: Dec 02, 2012
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Let me, first of all thank you for an astounding app that is more than useful to me.

I have it now for almost three years and it is of a great help!!!

So thank you.

I just did a software update through iTunes and discovered the new app's interface.

I feel the need to share with you my feedback:

1. Visually I miss the contrast that was there in the last version: black arial (i think bold) on white background + blue frames.
Now it is a much less contrast and in grey, much less easier to read quickly when in action.

2. I still can't get clearly the different types of sorting, and trying ti get the info about the new symbols in the help file...

3. The Priority (the colored triangle in the corner): the difference between each level is not clear, again, in case of the need to get the necessary info in a glimpse.

Maybe, for those things, you can add in the settings the possibility to choose the text and background colors, as well as the graduating colors of the different priority levels.

4. I understand the reasoning behind simplifying the home page.
However, personally I use A LOT the folders system and now I have to do more clicks to get to the folder's list.

Could it be possible to have in the setting a configuration of a personalized homepage.

Again, I LOVE this app, and would LOVE to continue using it. And I would appreciate to have your feedback about mine.

Many thanks for you attention,

Sincerely yours,