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Posted Jul 05, 2020 in: iOS Update - June 2020
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I keep an immense amount of information on Toodledo, especially in the Notes section. The Tasks section, too, is loaded with about 100 tasks, many of which are important repeating milestones. When I opened my app today and noticed that EVERYTHING was gone I almost went into shock. I realized that although I keep on-site and off-site backups of everything on my PC and iPhone, I have no way to back up my Toodledo data, and I had a serious WAKE-UP CALL about how dependent I was on this application and how vulnerable I had left myself to its developer.

Thank goodness I was able to find my information on the Web version of Toodledo, and I did an immediately CSV export of all my Tasks and Notes. I then found this thread with instructions to restore my iPhone, which worked as predicted. Everything appears to be restored.

Nevertheless, I am not going to leave myself vulnerable in the future. Other apps go through beta testing before new versions are released (I am a beta tester for a motorcycle navigation app) to ensure that the general users receive safe and effective code. Evidently, the developer of Toodledo thinks it is just fine to go AWOL for months at a time, and then foist a new, untested version on the entire user population without even the courtesy of an announcement or instructions. This is nuts! Who can really afford to put up that kind of risk at any price?

I am going to find new apps to handle my daily information, apps that have developers who demonstrate professionalism and common sense. I have lost completely my confidence in the integrity and competence of the Toodledo developer.

John Lieberman

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