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Posted Jan 07, 2019 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Hi Aaron,
... a very quick note written on a tablet after a long day
Your approach to development, service, and communication will absolutely make TD the blueprint for products of its kind.
That written, I,m a long time user and have been a Gold subscriber since its inception. You have a powerful, adaptable, and simple product that remains unique in a world of subpar products.
Your communication and the roadmap provide assurance the company will grow and prosper, but with an outdated iOS app and no desk top availability (I would be willing to pay TD for each to create an ecosystem), I won,t be renewing my subscription. After spending $$$ to buy each from a company that uses TD for its data base, it’s difficult to hit the pay button @ x2 the Gold price
While I prefer a SaaS pricing model for utility products that require ongoing development, when UI, UE, or features that will further help me are released, then its highly probable I’ll be back.
Please know that I’ll always recommend TD and the value it represents to new users!