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Posted Mar 12, 2013 in: iOS app update - 3.0.2
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Dear Toodledo-Team,

I recently wrote you an email about the update to Version 3.0.2 (2469) last week and after the update on 3.0.3 (2492) I have the same two very annoying issues:

1. The last displayed screen (tasks due today) is not displayed any more when I open the App again after idle. Overdue tasks is displayed instead. And for a short while the Due Dates Listing is displayed with all counters on the right side marked as 0.

2. The performance of the App is very slow when editing tasks and switching between the different task details screens (e. g. changing the due date of a task). Marking a task as completed is not very responsive - the checkmark is displayed after ca. 1 second. In version 3.0.1 it was displayed immediately.

And I have some general feedback too:

1. The new font size is too small.

2. The new design is very bad and confusing. Too much information is displayed in the task list. You should let the user change the display in the settings.

Kind Regards,