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Posted Oct 22, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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  • Sonith
  • Posted: Oct 22, 2014
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I finally took the plunge and decided to go for a Gold subscription. Fundamentally the reason/motivation to go for Toodledo (vs others) was the exhaustive possibilities that one can customize the various parameters to one's individual approach for GTD or anything else.

Since i am always on the phone, i had been toying with both your Android official app as well as Ultimate To Do list and also DGT GTD. For the official app, i find some improvements in recent releases/updates since my last feedback a few months ago. Nice going.

However i have a request for the android official app. (Although lists, outlines etc would be in the pipeline as you mentioned, this request is a more immediate/basic feedback/request) :

When creating or entering a tag for a task, is it possible to get a list of what i have already got in my login/account. Or even better, some sort of autofill or autosuggest feature(i.e it filters from the list, which need not be shown, but will pop up as you type the first few characters).
I get such a list of already entered tags, when i try in 3rd party app - DGT GTD app (although not autofill/autosuggest).

To me this is essential - as it avoids the effort later in reviewing the inbox item later.. when i know what tag i want to give it right away.
Also, on the negative side: If i dont get to view the list of tags, i end up creating a new tag unless i type exactly what i had already created.
(i read from previous discussion that this was removed - perhaps you could let the user have an option to choose if he/she would like the pre-filled list to show up or not? )

Another side request is that if i am creating a sub task, then it should inherit all aspects from the parent (like tag, timeline, or atleast folder , if not other items). This could be an option provided in settings to the user to choose the fields/parameters instead of All .

Hope you will consider this as without this ease of use, i am more using DTG GTD , although i like how your UI looks.


P.S - please let me know if this thread is not the right place for such requests/feedback. Do i need to submit a support ticket? Thanks.

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Posted Aug 14, 2014 in: Toodledo Android App
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  • Sonith
  • Posted: Aug 14, 2014
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Hello, my first post here.

I have a good deal of respect for what Toodledo team does in terms of providing so many aspects and the flexibility towards a GDT or any other/simpler system.

Specific feedback to ToodleDo folks for now:
I am evaluating your trial gold subscription and sub tasks is a good feature in the website but it was a let down to see it not possible in the app. Good to see it now with the latest release!
HOWEVER, i must say that i am not too thrilled at the same time either! To see that something basic (which is done so well with the DGT GDT 3rd party app!) of inheriting properties of the parent when creating a a sub task, is still missing!
I have read about your team being small and not having resources for improving the app (hope its not still the case). You guys know your situations best but i cant help say (with all due respect) - why not just hire the DGT GDT app guy or get him to help out!?

Side note: i have read in another thread about multiple levels of subtasks not being prioritized from your side, due to the UX complexity/challenge via the website. But the DGT GDT app already attempts and maintains a multiple level subtask approach from within its app. Of course when it syncs it to website, it obviously shows at just one level.
Suggestion is why not at least introduce just the API for multi-level (and perhaps keep it very basic on the website but allow it to be accessed on the apps or atleast 3rd party apps?

(Btw, i have started using both toodledo app and this one only in last few weeks but after extensive research on Toodledo features and also both the apps).

FYI: I have a feeling i may go for a subscription but thats only for the features on the site. the app choice for me, is not your Android version that cuts it as of now, feature-wise (yes, UI is pleasing).
Hoping to stick to ToodleDo in the long term.

(Just being factual and frank here. No disrespect meant.)