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Tim Skoch

Posted May 26, 2009 in: Launchy plugin
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Proximo: It actually isn't really a "Plugin" for Launchy as much as a simple executable which takes command-line arguments. If Executor is anything like Launchy, you should be able to use it as is.
Tim Skoch

Posted Apr 17, 2009 in: Launchy plugin
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tvchris: Do you have .NET 3.0 installed? I'm not certain that the program requires it, but it's what I have installed on the machine on which I developed/use it.

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Tim Skoch

Posted Apr 08, 2009 in: ToodleDo - Distraction Free update
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It would be nice to have to option to minimize to the notification area instead of the taskbar.

Looks good, though! Thanks.
Tim Skoch

Posted Apr 08, 2009 in: Launchy plugin
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Thanks Sytone! It's updated now.
Tim Skoch

Posted Apr 07, 2009 in: Launchy plugin
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Source, exe, and instructions available here:
Tim Skoch

Posted Mar 27, 2009 in: HTTPS Issue (IE8)
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Excellent! Works fine now. Yeah, I see the logic behind not encrypting the images (saves CPU overhead), but the warning messages made HTTPS simply unuseable for me (unless I disabled the warning entirely, but I'd rather not to that simply for one site).


Also, I still get the same message when browsing forums, but everything else is fine.
Tim Skoch

Posted Mar 27, 2009 in: Change interval for chains?
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Is there any way to change the time interval which defines how frequently a goal needs to be worked on to keep the chain going? I have some projects for which once a week is still considered good progress.
Tim Skoch

Posted Mar 26, 2009 in: HTTPS Issue (IE8)
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Whenever I use IE8 in HTTPS mode, I constantly get the following dialog box:

"Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?"

It pops up every time I navigate within ToodleDo. I've added (both AND to my trusted sites list, but the problem persits.

I've looked at the source, and it seems ToodleDo is still serving me some resources (images, etc...) via HTTP, even when I am browsing with HTTPS.

Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?

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Tim Skoch

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I'm a recent convert to ToodleDo (my brother showed it to me). When I started using ToodleDo, I wanted a VERY lightweight client which simply (1) showed me my tasks, (2) didn't get in my way, and (3) was readily accessible when I needed it (without having to open up a new IE window, navigate, sign in, etc...). The program I wound up writing is available here for anyone to use:

Feel free to use it. The source code is also available there for anyone who wants to use it. Note that this isn't really meant to be fully-featured software - it was just a quick fix to suit my needs. Feel free to modify/redistribute/whatever.

A few notes:

-When you run it, a window will appear, but no icon will appear in your taskbar.
-An icon WILL appear in the notification area.
-You can move the window by dragging the dark-grey bar at the top of the window.
-A right-click on either (1) the notification-area icon or (2) the dark-grey bar on the top will bring up a context menu.
-The only way to properly exit the app is through the context menu.
-A single left-click on the notification-area icon will bring the window to the front.
-Within the context menu, you can toggle between ToodleDo's slim and regular versions.
-Requires .NET framework to be installed.

If people are interested in using this, but would like a more robust program first, let me know, and I'd be delighted to flesh it out a little and repost it - I just don't want to go through the effort if nobody is interested.

I make no guarantees about which platforms it runs on, but it SHOULD be fine on anything running the latest version of .NET. I've only tested it on my Vista Enterprise machine (because that's the only place I intend to use it).

BTW: The program merely wraps ToodleDo's webpage in a small window, so what you are seeing in the window is simply ToodleDo's website. Any changes to ToodleDo's URL's may break the program (but it would be easily fixable);

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