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  • cpaeby
  • Posted: Dec 03, 2015
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Being able to add an important date to the quick dates (for example date of a meeting...)

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  • cpaeby
  • Posted: May 16, 2015
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Oh and I forgot something.

- And/OR Please allow us to search the tasks with AND or OR criterias :-)

Thank you

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  • cpaeby
  • Posted: May 15, 2015
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I really like the usage of Toodledo since I use it and love the oppenness, the flexibility with other application. I really love it.

There are a few points I noticed as a new user and I wanted to share this thoughts with you.

- Save Search. I love this feature on the web interface. This is missing in the Android interface.
- Widget with direct link to a specific filter/folder/context/search...
- Widget for easy adding of tasks

- COLORS!! I love colors and I miss the possibility to add colors to folders and tags and goals and.... give us colors
- Shortcuts. I don't like using my mouse.... I think that it is much quicker with the keyboard.
- Search all tasks. I am not able to search my completed tasks that are older than a few days.
- Pattenrns. For regular actions It would be fantastic to have the possibility to add a patent of tasks relative to a date (day-3 : phone call. Day-2 : Print documents. Day-1 : smile it confuse people. ....) I know that it is possible to have it with the outlines but I love to have all the tasks centrelised at the same place, that's why I use Toodledo and not paper anymore :-)

Thank you for your nice tool and I really like it.