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Posted Jul 06, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Posted by jsmail63-reg:
Anant - I'm a VERY long-term user (probably since the earliest days of TD) who at one time (per Jake) had the largest number of tasks in Toodledo. In fact, he had to change the backup code around for me to handle such a large data set.

Nothing would make me happier than to see ACTUAL progress with the app. But my confidence in that, candidly, is very low if not totally nil.

I spent 35+ years in IT with a focus on enterprise software, so have a decent amount of experience in what makes a successful software are a few suggestions on where I would focus if I were running Toodledo..

- You need to communicate with your users CONSTANTLY. Not just once a week, two times a month, once a month, and not even daily. You need to communicate to them and respond to their questions, issues, etc THROUGHOUT THE DAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's obvious you yourself can't do that, nor should you as CEO. Hire someone who can. Or, give up and sell the company to someone who's able to make that level of investment. It's a total "must have". Until you do this, NOTHING else matters.

- Know and understand your current customers and who your target customers are. Your customers are by and large individuals interested in having a productivity tool that they can manage their busy lives with. They are not, REPEAT, NOT EVER going to be large companies interested in buying an enterprise or even departmental license of Toodledo. (I'm mentioning this because at one point I saw some posts indicating that selling to large companies was part of the vision for Toodledo). Candidly, you can't even support the individualist customers you have. Any dreams of supporting a large or even mid-size company (which I did for 35+ years, so know a thing or two on what's needed to successfully do that) is a complete and total fantasy. Keeping it real - abandon any desire to do this, unless you already have. You would not be successful unless you hire a large (and I mean LARGE) number of very expensive people who can be responsive to those companies in "minutes, not hours" and certainly not days or weeks, and nothing could tank Toodledo faster than pursuing sales to companies vs. individuals.

- Publish your roadmap. Make sure it includes good detail on planned feature updates, bug fixes, etc and hard dates. Publish constant updates on how you're delivering (or not) against said roadmap. Don't let this lag.

- Don't break what isn't broken. Don't change features people have relied on for years. Your biggest gap is Mobile Apps. Create something modern and fully featured that works on iOS (all devices - including iPhone, iPad and iWatch versions) and Android. And make them the best they can be.

Jake built one of the best "to do" apps out there. I wish you guys well, but the lack of confidence you're hearing from the long time users is going to be hard to overcome unless you can deliver. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Good luck - and we are all rooting for you despite the candid feedback and 'tough love'..

ETA - I'd also suggest giving your long term customers incentive to stick with you. No secret they've all been through a lot. Offer them some compelling pricing to stick around. It's a lot easier to keep an existing customer (as long as you do the things I mentioned above) than it is to get a new customer.

They have already published a roadmap. It is part of the "Feature request" pages - you can get to it by clicking the down arrow next to your avatar (top right of the page when you are logged in), then select 'feature requests'. At the top of that page you can select "roadmap".

Unfortunately, I haven't seen the "In Progress" column get any new items (or "Complete" get any new items) since before the start of the year....