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Derek (Personal)

Posted Dec 10, 2016 in: iOS 10.1.1 crashing Toodledo
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This is definitely still an issue. I don't know if it is an issue with the iOS app directly, it might be something to do with the sync server/API. I have 3 Toodledo accounts: personal, work, family and I use 3 separate apps to manage them since the Toodledo app will only work with 1 account. These apps (Pocket Informant, Toodleo and Todo) all crash frequently when trying to sync to Toodledo. However, the Toodledo iOS app is GUARANTEED to crash. I can make it happen on demand every time I open the app and check off a task (it subsequently tries to push the completed state to the server and crashes). Same thing happens when editing due to the push.

I also suspect the issues with sync are why checking off a task takes 10-20 seconds now for the subsequent recurring task to show up in the app also resulting in unresponsiveness in the Toodleo iOS app.

Just thought I would share. Still an issue, like mark_1337909683 said.