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Posted Sep 15, 2016 in: Pocket Informant vs 2do
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Hi Olivir2015, thanks for your advice. Will check out both I think and see which works better for my style of working.

Posted Sep 12, 2016 in: Pocket Informant vs 2do
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Hi all

I just wished to see what your opinions were with regards using the iPhone / iPad apps for Pocket Informant and 2do and how they compare?

I see both have good reviews but can't decide which to get!

After a first look, Pocket Informant seems more calendar focused and 2do more task focused. What I mean is that it looks as if every task requires a date in Pocket Informant whereas 2do doesn't - is this correct?

Similarly, 2do seems not quite as strong as Pocket Informant in planning your calendar and seeing upcoming tasks / events are coming up in the next week / month for example but is very good as sorting things into GTD style context groups of actions e.g. @home tasks?

Ideally I would like something which can offer both an easy way to see upcoming tasks / events in a calendar style view but also allow me to make lists of tasks with a GTD style of contexts that may or may not have a definite date. I therefore was not sure if both of these programs cater towards either of these ways of working well.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions on this!