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Kyle Otaku

Posted Oct 16, 2018 in: Toodledo sharing data with 3rd parties
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GDPR applies to EU citizens working with companies that have a EU presence. Just being on the Internet doesn't make one a EU company - they would have to have an office somewhere in the EU.

That being said, I would be worried too. ;-) But if you're using Facebook at all, you've already given up all your personal info.
Kyle Otaku

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Just got the email about the $60 a year charge for Toodledo starting in 2 months. WOW that's exorbitant. I will probably be becoming an ex-customer very soon. I've absolutely loved Toodledo for years because it's always been fairly simple and free for still usable functionalty, I use it daily, but for $60 a year just for basic functionality like a Hotlist, then there are better alternatives out there. If I'm going to be forking over my credit card #, which I only do VERY rarely, it's going to be for something with more bells and whistles than this.

What I had hoped you would do is leave Toodledo free alone and then add new features that are for pay (read: Gantt Chart!)... but if you're suddenly charging for what has been free for years, I'm afraid you'll need to count me out.

I have a feeling this will be becoming a "whom do we go to instead of Toodledo" thread as well. I just keyed in on Todoist from another user and was considering Trello my own self.

Sincerely hope an about-face is imminent, Astrid tried the same thing and it blew up so badly the company got bought out by Yahoo and then promptly shut down. I'd hate to see that happen again to something that's been such a great product for all these years.

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