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Posted Mar 04, 2010 in: Please hire a UI Designer
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  • Mills
  • Posted: Mar 04, 2010
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I'm a product manager for a large video website. I, like others, started on Omnifocus because I thought their UI made sense and had a intuitive feel. Unfortunately, they continue to tie themselves to the Mac and an antiquated client/server model.

Being the age of asynchronous webservices and "cloud computing", (thanks google!), I searched for web-centric options that were platform agnostic and had iPhone apps. I looked at RTM, Nozbe, and others, but their feature-sets were weak compared to Omnifocus. After trialing Toodledo, you can really see the power underneath the interface. As a geek I love that. However, because the website is not user friendly, I primarily use Appigo's Todo app to interact with the Toodledo services. My wife took one spin on the website and won't go near it again, she sticks with the Todo app.

Jake, I think you need to decide what you want to accomplish with Toodledo. Do you want to focus only on the backend and APIs? If so, license your APIs to other products. For example, Yodlee makes money by powering the transactional information of financial websites like mvelopes, Mint (formerly), etc., but leaves the UX to them. This sounds like it would play to your dev strengths.

Or, do you want to continue to have end-user subscriptions be your bread and butter? If so, you have an opportunity to grow your userbase and income, but you're going to have to spend some $$ to make it (or, barter/trade). You need to have a team that looks at customer needs, the competitive landscape, and creates subsequent requirements (product person) that inform IA and designs (UX/design person) which in turn drive development (you). Marketing wouldn't hurt either.

Or... are you totally happy with how your business is progressing? If that's the case, rock on, as it appears most people in this thread will continue using Toodledo... until something better comes along.