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Posted Aug 31, 2009 in: Proximo's GTD Setup
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Posted by Proximo:

I would start using this myself, but I don't have many task that require it. One of my complaints with Toodledo is that every time you add a field, it adds it to the main GUI. I don't want to see a "Start Date" column for something I won't use much.

I really wish that task contained all the options that Toodledo offers and they where not added as columns all the time.

I get around this by changing the column widths of the fields so that the fields that I don't want to show are past my "normal" screen view, it's still there if needed by scrolling to the right and still there as a choice when adding a new task, just doesn't show on my monitor.

Posted Aug 21, 2009 in: TaskAdder for Palm Pre
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I am very interested in having a Toodledo app on my Pre. I'm not a techie however and will wait for an app through the regular catalog since I don't feel comfortable rooting my phone or whatever it is that needs to be done. I went to your link on PreCentral but was unclear about how your app would be installed.

Ultimately I would love for a Toodledo app on my Pre that would cache (is that the right term?) on my Pre and sync automatically like my gmail does so I would have access to my tasks even if no service. Or better yet I wish Palm would hire Toodledo to rewrite the native app since the one that came with my one is terrible :-))

Posted Jul 31, 2009 in: Quck Add feature (and Quick Search)
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I've found the Google gadget on Igoogle, which is the same as the slim version which I use on my Pre is much faster for adding tasks, you might want to try that.

Posted Jul 22, 2009 in: Client for the Palm Pre
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How about MobileDo? I'm brand new to Toodledo and brand new to Palm Pre, is this an App that you will be making available in the future?

Posted Jul 21, 2009 in: Toodledo Slim on the Palm Pre
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Posted by Tuck:
@Anders: The pre has a full web browser like the iPhone, so i can just go to the full-version homepage if I need to. But I like the slim interface, its clean and fast. Plus, it loads in the correct size. The full and HTML versions both load zoomed way out.

@Toodledo: Check out how works. Their code works in my browser, but I'd rather use Toodledo!!! Maybe you can change the code to reflect their method.

When I try the slim view on my Palm Pre it also is zoomed way out, is there something I need to do to set it larger?