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  • Yugi_oh
  • Posted: Apr 10, 2016
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Posted by Purveyor:
Just curious: Given that MLO has task dependency and you are "really suffering from lack of this feature", why did you switch to Toodledo?

Also, if Toodledo promised you that task dependency would be available in two years, how would that change what you are doing now?

In any case, I doubt that you're going to get a timeline commitment from Toodledo.
Task dependency is not available and all you can do is structure your task management with this limitation.

What is the deal with all this sophistry? I switched from MLO because "clearly" there are some features here that are not present there. what is so strange about this ?
if Toodledo promised you that task dependency would be available in two years, first, I will continue my subscription with MLO for another two years and wait for this to be implemented and second, I will stop looking for alternatives, which is so time and energy consuming.
I didn't think guessing these is so hard.

Posted by Salgud:
I suspect this feature is a quagmire. If you create the capability for dependencies, how far do you take it? Do you include all four types (SF, FF, FS, SS)? They would probably start with a simple FS (Finish to Start), the most common, but very quickly people would be clamoring for more. Then they'd want lead and lag times...

Will tasks be limited to a single predecessor or successor?

This can easily get complicated. Not saying it can't be done, or that I wouldn't welcome even a simple version, just that from a developer's view, this can get messy.

I understand. But, everything has a complexity if you want to take it to the ultimate level in the first step. As some of the people requesting this feature was also switching from MLO, I can guess they are all expecting the FS. So at least the first step wouldn't be complicated as you said. Regarding your second question, I think for a FS , it wouldn't make the implementation super complex if the all the predecessors and successors are taken into account.
I think everything can "easily" get complicated if not organized and scheduled step-wise.

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  • Yugi_oh
  • Posted: Apr 08, 2016
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Thank you for your great productivity app. The first request of the task dependency (that I found!) dates back to march 2008. I mean ... come on! it's been 8 years. How hard could it be? I am a intermediate-level developer and I can't imagine such feature taking 8 year to be implemented even if it's on lowest priority, which shouldn't be due to many requests during this 8 years. I have switched from MyLifeOrganized (MLO) to toodledo and I am really suffering from lack of this feature. Could you reveal the estimated date of this feature? I know it's on your policy not to... but I don't seek a exact day, but in order of "year". If it's going to be implemented in 2025, I think users should know as many of them are waiting for it.