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Two features for filtering tasks needed before I can make the switch:
- it's not possible to filter by "No Context" (or, remove context): I have tasks with "work" context and tasks without contexts and I can't filter lists to contain only tasks without context.
- "In the future" filter does not work: if "In the future" toggle is off, the app will indeed hide tasks with a start date in the future and show tasks with a start date of yesterday or before, but it will not show tasks with start date = today

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Hello all! I tried the beta and it seems to read and save to my regular account, so I would expect tasks created with the new app to be as safe as the tasks created e.g using the website.
Why then do you say that if I use the beta app I should be prepared to backup my data on a regular basis? What could happen?

Thanks in advance

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I also saw your email.

Sorry I already switched to RTM, so I won't switch back until I see some significant improvements to the app, although there are a few things I do prefer about Toodledo.

What bothered me most, apart from the iOS app bugs, were the synchronization bugs:
- some tasks would still appear and become impossible to delete on one device after I deleted them from another device
- my account status (paid account) would switch to not-paid periodically, which would make it impossible to modify tasks that have more than 50 subtasks (also very annoying)

Glad to see it come back, though.

Best of luck to the new team!

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Tasks with start date = tomorrow appear even if I hide future tasks.
Tasks with start date > tomorrow are correctly hidden.
For some reason this happens only in the new tasks layout.
Is that a known bug?

Thanks in advance,