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Posted Jul 26, 2011 in: Toodledo Redesign - July 2011
Score: 2
  • chmgarb
  • Posted: Jul 26, 2011
  • Score: 2
I have to give my thumbs down vote on the graphics. The black lettering over the dark gray are hard to read. The thin letters over the lighter gray is also not easy to read. I also don't like the fact that when a task is expanded it just looks like a big blank sheet of paper with things aligned but no lines or boxes to delineate the location of things (unless the pointer is over the task, then it turns into MORE GRAY).

And it is just so DULL and depressing!! I guess the Borg did assimilate Toodledo :)

I haven't used it much but I do like the Notebook
tab on the top. I will provide more "like" feedback as I use it more. I'm sure there are useful features in there. I just don't like the boring colors.

And who says Engineers can't make a useful (and aesthetic) layout. The previous one was quite good in my opinion :)