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Hugh Macken

Posted Sep 22, 2015 in: Comments on tasks
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If I assign a task to a colleague, can they comment on the task? Can I then reply to their comment? If not, I'd like to suggest this as a new feature.
Hugh Macken

Posted Mar 04, 2010 in: Jott interoperability
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Posted by Toodledo back in '08:
As it is, you can use Jott to quickly stick the task into your inbox and then properly sort it later.

First, just want to say I love Jott. Keep up the awesome work.

That said, I would like all of my Jotts to automatically go into my toodledo inbox, rather than not going into any particular folder. I see a lot of others have asked for this or something similar as well. Is this now possible with Toodledo - Jott Interoperability by chance?
Hugh Macken

Posted Aug 31, 2009 in: Batch edit in Toodledo?
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Posted by lite1:
Claudio is correct, but it is far less useful than how RTM does Multi-edit (I am an RTM migrant). I am finding that in TD unless I know in advance that it will be easy for me to construct a search and that I truly want to make the same change; I find that most often I am editing one at a time.

Only circumstance where I have found it useful is if I want to add additional Tag(s) to a group; or as you implied in your ?,if all have same Due Date and I want to accelerate or postpone all.

FYI: I believe that it has been suggested and applauded by many that a method of selecting multiple tasks for a "normal" view and then being able to edit them would be helpful to many.

isaachess You might also read Claudio's 2nd post in the following active thread


As I believe others have suggested elsewhere in the forum, I would like to also urge TD to consider adding functionality for editing multiple tasks with unrelated criteria. I too switched from RTM, which has this functionality. All in all, I find TD much more useful and user-friendly than RTM and other software I have tried. Having this additional functionality would be icing on the cake! :)

Hugh Macken

Posted Aug 31, 2009 in: Edit Tags?
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I have lots of tags and I want to simplify to only a few tags. I have over a hundred tasks so going into each one to delete the many tags is a bit tedious. Is there any way I can edit tags like we are able to edit contexts and folders in sort of a Master view?