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Posted Jul 07, 2020 in: iOS Update - June 2020
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I am horrified that this new app was rolled out with NO notice to users on a HOLIDAY.

I was traveling, and though I make sure to sync daily when on the road, I hadn't yet synced when this rolled out. So when I opened it for the day, 0 tasks, 0 notes. So EVERYTHING I added the day before is just gone - no way to restore. I can force sync to device, but all new tasks/notes are gone forever.

There is no emergency that would justify suddenly rolling out a new app on a weekend when many people were traveling with NO NOTICE.

I have been using your app for MANY years, as a paid subscriber. I expect more than this.

Posted Feb 14, 2020 in: Pros/Cons of Alternatives to Toodledo.
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I am a fan of the folks over at Asian Efficiency, so with Toodledo crashing down around me, I was thrilled to discover that they had recently reviewed pros/cons of various GTD-based apps.

Posted Feb 11, 2020 in: Are Help Tickets being processed?
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I'm having similar concerns.
As a Toodledo subscriber for several years now, they've always been good about responding to messages.
However, I sent in a ticket last Tuesday (1 full week ago), and have received no response whatsoever, despite my including URGENT in the subject line (since I had a data loss of 500 tasks so it was - and still is - critical to repair ASAP).
I also included a message offering to pay for developer time for assistance, since I wasn't sure if this particular issue would be covered under their free tech support.
I can see that they might get busy and 2 business days might become 3, so I waited until Friday, then opened another ticket to try to get a reply before the weekend (so I could start the rebuilding if needed). I even sent them a message on their Facebook page.
At this point, I just want a response. I need to know - is this fixable and/or something they can help with, or do I need to get started on rebuilding my 500 tasks by hand (which honestly makes me feel sick to think of)?
Any suggestions welcome - thanks!