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@Jake Done.

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I've just tried to view all tasks with a tag with slash "/" in it and the webapp hang.
There is an error in console too:

scripts.09e9b036.js:46 Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
at JSON.stringify (<anonymous>)
at Object.shouldComponentUpdate (scripts.09e9b036.js:46)
at c.updateComponent (common.5cd77c20.js:78)
at c.receiveComponent (common.5cd77c20.js:78)
at Object.receiveComponent (common.5cd77c20.js:7)
at Object.updateChildren (common.5cd77c20.js:78)
at _reconcilerUpdateChildren (common.5cd77c20.js:79)
at _updateChildren (common.5cd77c20.js:79)
at _.updateChildren (common.5cd77c20.js:79)
at _updateDOMChildren (common.5cd77c20.js:79)
at _.updateComponent (common.5cd77c20.js:79)
at _.receiveComponent (common.5cd77c20.js:79)
at Object.receiveComponent (common.5cd77c20.js:7)