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Posted Dec 28, 2017 in: ToodleDo Needs a Project Manager
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  • ZachN
  • Posted: Dec 28, 2017
  • Score: 3
There are issues ToodleDo has said "are on our list" from 2011, which to this day plague usability. Like Subtasks wont filter by due date if the parent task has a due date? Come on. The calendar view is practically unusable and the 3rd party plug-ins for gmail and outlook don't work?! I've asked several questions and always gotten the same response back. "It's on the list, not sure when it will be done." Does ToodleDo even use their product? I love this product, but I have noticed small things adding up that are infuriating about it. They seem like they could be fixed with a little follow through, if someone would just take the time and be accountable for getting the issues resolved. These are the kinds of issues that seperate good from great. And right now ToodleDo is on a sharp edge, teetering either way. ToodleDo's blog posting and forums has slowly dried up... is it any wonder? Whats the point when nothing gets fixed...
If ToodleDo would want someone who would champion their product while managing these kinds of projects we should talk. I believe wholeheartedly in the value of your brand... but you all are going to fail from a death of a thousand cuts if you do not get these issues figured out.