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Da Cracker

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There seems to always be a lot of activity on the mobile app (iOS does me no good). I've been a long time user of Toodledo and left last year. To me, it is one of the better productivity apps out there because of speed and organization. I really want a reason to come back but when I see 3rd party Blackberry and Windows Phone integrations promoted I get a little worried. Memories of IQTell still haunt me. is there a list of features for the beta program? I wasn't able to find one and it would be nice to see what's ready for prime time.
Da Cracker

Posted Apr 13, 2011 in: iPhone app recommendation
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I've been partial to Pocket Informant, it's for iPhone and iPad. A major point for me using it was not only for the Task Management but also for Calendar Management since the default calendar in the iPhone is less than useful.

For tasks it has modes for both Toodledo and GTD. I use the GTD mode and with that it still syncs most everything with Toodledo. You Next Actions will also sync. Pocket Informant will automatically make the next task in your project the Next Action when you complete your NA task. Unfortunately that does require ordering tasks which Toodledo doesn't do. Subtasks also work with Pocket Informant.

Have to say, I do not work for WebIS but I've used their products for years back when I had Windows CE.