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Posted Jan 07, 2020 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Posted by greginfla:
is August the last update from the Owners? SMH

The last post from yesterday:
How surprising it relates to the subscription (and before this post it was the same theme - subscription:
Owners focus on money...

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Posted Jan 07, 2020 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Posted by shelbyp:

Thanks for your answer, It helped me ;-)

Posted Dec 29, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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I totally agree, I wouldn't say better.

Posted Dec 29, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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I agree, the inability to use more complex combinations of boolean operators is the limit in ClickUp. It's a pity.
For comparison:
- Advanced filtering in MLO. The operator NOT is replaced the combination of operator AND with negative "doesn't contain" or "is not true" etc. (sample).
- Advanced search in RTM. Operators AND, OR and NOT are available.

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Posted Dec 27, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Posted by J O D:
I know that is not what you are asking for, but from my experience Clickup on the free plan can be configured that way. But it may be too much for your needs. Also, the filter rules are a bit more limited.

Thank you for your recommendation but ClickUp doesn't use boolean operator NOT which is necessary for me :-/

Posted Dec 26, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Some of you use paid Ticktick, so I would like to ask you some questions:

1. Can Ticktick use advanced sorting and grouping? E.g. I'd like to create groups of my tasks according to priority and then I'd like to sort items in every group according to due date. Is it possible to combine more rules (rules by rules. e.g. like in MLO)?

2. Can Ticktick use boolean operator NOT? (Source)

3. Can I edit/rearrange a table view? Can I select properties of tasks what I want to see in a table view (e.g. I can do it in MLO)?

4. It it possible to create subtasks with different properties (e.g. different tags) as their parrent task? Can I find and display subtasks separately from their parrent task in smart lists?

The reasons why I ask:
- Toodledo is dying for a long time, sorry.
- RTM can't display more info on the tasks list ( and a (adaptable/editable) table view is practical for me.
- MLO doesn't have a web interface (only a synchronisation), it is based on one person (the same situation as Toodledo) and online support is so oldschool.

Thanks for answers.

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Posted Sep 05, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Hi everybody,
the last Anant's post was 6 days ago.

"I am working on my task list and will share it with you guys here in couple of days."
When will you share it?

"I will try to make everything transparent on what we are working on may be weekly basis."
Any new information on progress?

"Toodledo team needs lot of support from its community and we will improve and grow Toodledo from here."
Is here any active member of your team? Please let us know here.

"Hope I answered all your questions! If you want to talk with me, you can email me at :"
Transparent answers are not in a private email conversation but they should be here. Where the questions are, I would like to find also the answers.

Watching this development is frustrating and I can't trust the service in this state - without a vision, without a transparency, without a development, with bugs, without a communication,... I was a gold subscriber until April and from the moment I haven't see a reason to renew it. That is a pity.

Best wishes

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Posted Oct 31, 2018 in: Pros/Cons of Alternatives to Toodledo.
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Something old from 2014:!topic/mylifeorganized/zlRdXVBlABM (infrastructure is located in US because AWS).

"We are using Amazon Web Services for building our Cloud infrastructure. AWS data centers are located in USA and EU and well known for their reliability and high performance." Quotation from this site:

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Posted Oct 31, 2018 in: Pros/Cons of Alternatives to Toodledo.
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I understand, you are right that the annual fee for Cloud Sync Service is $ 18.09 (incl. VAT). But the initial investment is a bit expensive: $ 72.54 (PC) + $ 30.19 (Android) = $ 102.73 plus MLO Cloud $ 18.09 which is for the first year $ 120.82 (incl. VAT). The question is how much the upgrade to the next version is. Today, the price of the upgrade from version 4 Pro to version 5 Pro is $ 30 plus VAT. And I need to know for the comparison of prices when or how often the upgrade will be.

I absolutely agree with your second paragraph. I like a web interface of task managements, I need to open my tasks not only on my phone or on my pc but also on pc without desktop app (even Outlook has web interface), I also add e-mails to my task management from GMail website via Chrome plugin, etc. A desktop app is sometimes useful, e.g. at home or at work but this is so old-school as the only way :-)

RTM has boolean operators which is crucial for me but I miss dependencies. It is the same situation in Toodledo that's why RTM is the very interesting for my task management. ClickUp has dependencies but the lack of advanced searches with basic boolean operators (only AND, without OR and NOT) is unacceptable. I have a half of year with Toodledo Gold subscription, so I can wait for planned integration this function into ClickUp.

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Posted Oct 30, 2018 in: Pros/Cons of Alternatives to Toodledo.
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A short note:
User @prasta mentioned ClickUp in this thread:
It's an interesting service but I miss an advanced searches (basic boolean operators are planned - and

MyLifeOrganized is really interesting app with a different model of payment but a bit expensive and it's dependent on the upgrage of the software.

In both of them I like their feature of dependencies.

Posted Oct 26, 2018 in: Pros/Cons of Alternatives to Toodledo.
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@DrFrankBuck Yes, I thought paid/premium version of RTM (I'm a gold subscriber of Toodledo and I'm willing to pay for To-Do services).

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Posted Oct 25, 2018 in: Pros/Cons of Alternatives to Toodledo.
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Thanks Ummagumma,
I tried SymTasks but QR code is not working and I can't find an app with the same name on Play Store :-/
A synchronisation of tasks between Android and Outlook has to be cursed :-)

Posted Oct 25, 2018 in: Pros/Cons of Alternatives to Toodledo.
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It’s hard to say what is the best for everyone. But after a short seeking an alternative I’ve a few notes.

Google Tasks, Google Keep, Wunderlist
- A great deal for shopping list but not an adequate and full-feature alternative.

- I like their design and motivating karma. It’s a frequent alternative with subtasks, filters (=saved searches), etc.
- But a lack of a start date, an advanced sorting feature, esp. sorting based on multiple criteria, and a lack of custom sorting options for filtered views is a complication for me.

- A great tool on desktop that is integrated in eco-system of MS. I’ve an account from our university (corporate account) and I’d like to use it.
- But I miss subtasks and I can’t use it on my phone with Android. The official app Outlook from MS doesn’t have tasks. There are 3 other apps for Android:
-- To-Do from MS but it’s a simple app without advanced features, it synchronizes only some fields, subtasks are in To-Do not in Outlook and it has a problem with due dates when syncs with Outlook.
-- Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange but it doesn’t have implemented a support for corporate Exchange accounts which I have (
-- Nine from 9folders but it syncs subtasks into note fields in Outlook and I can’d find saved searches or something similar.
- And there are other things like an impossibility to create a list of tasks on web (
- If you use Apple, you can be happy with GoodTask ( I haven’t tested it.

- This service is a really close to an adequate alternative – a modern design, a field with start date, smart lists (=saved searches), subtasks, etc.
- The problem is that I can’t see an advanced sorting feature based on multiple criteria combinations. Am I right?

- All in all, I consider RTM to be the best choice for my requirements, e.g. subtasks, advanced sorting, saved searches, start date, tags (also as replacement of folders), etc.

If I made a mistake in my search and notes, I apologize in advance.

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Posted Oct 24, 2018 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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@dotparker: Look at this: (thx @Purveyor). Last updated is October 22, 2018. And yes, I find inadequate the sentence: "For example, we use encryption and password protection." More detailed information is welcome :-)

Posted Mar 04, 2018 in: Alarms for Habits not working
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alarms for Habits on Android still don't work :-/

Posted Feb 27, 2018 in: Statistics for Goals
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Hi everyone,
I'd like to ask you if it is possible to generate statistics for long-term goals and to include all contributed short-term goals into them (the same situation for long-term goals and lifelong goals). In Toodledo's statistics, I can see each group of goals separately without a possibility of grouping them. I don't need to see longlife, long-term and short-term goals in one pie chart. For example, I'd like to see statistics/charts for long-term goals but any short-term goal contributed to a long-term goal would be included in a relevant long-term goal in a pie chart. Then I can see a pie chart only for long-term goals (with all of tasks using long-term-goals and short-term goals contributed to long-term-goals).
Now, I can do it with data export and with subsequent editing and charting in Excel, SPSS, Stata,... The statistics and charts prepared in this way visually help to better work with higher levels of perspective.
I would be grateful for your responses.