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JS- Emergency Management

Posted Jan 21, 2021 in: Toodledo still alive?
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I have considered Toodledo DEAD. Which isa a shame. It had such potential if someone would have actually purchased it that cared. I had five different accounts. All except this one had Gold, now plus subscriptions. Even on this account now my recurring tasks don't always repeat which is a ridiculous bug to not have repaired from a year ago.

Speaking of subscriptions, I last renewed four of my accounts last September, since last September is the last time there was an optimistic post from the owner or developer, I have filed a credit card claim for those four subscription purchases. It is not a ton of money that I got back but it is more the principal of the matter.

I have moved some of my accounts to Tick Tick and will probably use Todoist for others. I have tried many todo platforms and those seem to be the best two that will work for me.

Good riddance Toodledo.
JS- Emergency Management

Posted Nov 05, 2020 in: Anyone testing beta apps?
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I have been using the Beta. My reports have never been answered. The BEta was very buggy. I stopped using it and reverted back to the main app until I can find a suitable alternative to Toodledo. For any new prospective users I would say Toodledon't.