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Posted Mar 04, 2020 in: We’re Back
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My three main pain points are:

1°) Ease of creation of a new Folder.
Especially important on the mobile app.

2°) Manual ordering of tasks within a list.
Even if it's only within a folder (probably simpler to implement than if you have to manage a 'global rank' for each task across the several lists it is a member of:: folder, saved searches, context, tags etc.).

3°) Task dependency.
There are undoubtedly many kinds of dependencies and many ways to implement this.
A simple one, that would leverage the previous feature (i.e. manual ordering of tasks within a list) and meet my need is sequential dependency within a folder:
Whenever a task is done in a folder, the next task in the folder becomes automatically identified as the 'next actionable task'.
The identifier could be the Star, or a status or else. Because the Star is ergonomic on web and mobile, I'd either go with the Start or a similar icon (colored lozenge or circle for example) with the same ergonomics as the start.

Various remarks:

- Please don't focus on looks first. Focus on usability.
Looks isn't in Toodledo's culture, therefore not a reason of adoption by the current user base, and an uphill battle in the current market.
-- Keep your unique features. The Web grid/table views are ugly but a pleasure to work with, given that there's no equivalent in the market.

- Unless you have to do a complete rewrite of mobile apps and/or web for technological reasons, I'd rather see new features being rolled out on the current mobile / web, than brand new looking apps with no real new feature and have to wait again to see significant new features delivered.

- Personally, I'm not interested in collaborative/enterprise features but then, it might be where you see growth? At least it looked that way last year.


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I'm considering using Toodledo as my task manager. I have 2 questions.

The first question is about the Basic and Silver Plans, regarding their limited number of items per List and Outline, and limited number of Habits.

Does it mean that the Task section of Toodledo has no restriction in terms number of items in the Basic and Silver plans? That is:

1) unlimited number of Folders
2) unlimited number of item per Folder
3) unlimited number of Contexts
4) unlimited number of item per Context
5) unlimited number of Saved Searches
6) unlimited numberof item per Saved Search
7) unlimited number of items per Status
8) unlimited number of item in Hotlist, Starred, Recently aadded/completed/modified

My second question is: do all the plans of Toodledo (Basic/Silver/Gold/entreprise) allow synchronization with a third party app? I'm considering using 2Do or Ultimate as the front client on Android.

Thank you for your answers,