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Posted Dec 01, 2010 in: iOS App Version 2.1.1 Released
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you know...

Same problem in Japanese.

However, I appreciate translation to Japanese.

Posted Nov 01, 2010 in: Translators Needed
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Hi, I'm Japanese Translator.

I already completed Translation on Japanese.
But, Toodledo didn't update it.

I'm worry that you don't update Toodledo about Japanese.
I think that it's toooo long time to be updated with Japanese. Doesn't it?

I'm happy that I translate Toodledo iPhone app and I help you.
However, I really want the meaning of helping you, that is updating on translation.

I can't wait for updating. I can't believe that you didn't update it YET!!

Even if you need some help without translation to update Toodledo,
please tell me it. That is no problem. I can help anything about Japanese.

Please update Japanese.

Posted Jul 19, 2010 in: Translators Needed
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The rest(or added?) of translation on Japanese has done.

We completed all work?

Posted Jul 05, 2010 in: Translators Needed
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Hi, Toodledo.
me, Japanese translater.

All of translattion on Japanese, done.

I hope you that you check the translation and you upload immediately the localization of Japanese.