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Posted Jul 14, 2018 in: Future Plans
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I am excited about the change in ownership. Nothing can stay the same in today's computer market. Stasis is death. So congratulations to the new team. I am glad it's a small company and not a behemoth that is planning a buy-and-kill operation.

I totally agree with the suggested enhancement below -- a quick and easy way to roll task due dates forward. I often bite off more than I can chew on a particular day, and would like those tasks to keep rolling forward until I complete them.



Posted by chowell:

I have used Toodledo for years and it's been extremely handy. I don't have a lot of sophisticated needs, so I'm not sure if other apps on the market would suit me as well.

Two items:

1. Will you continue to offer the free version now available? I am a non-paying user (but have recommended it to many people over the years).

2. Suggested enhancement: A way to reassign all tasks not done today to tomorrow's date (or all overdue to "today") with 1-2 clicks.

Thanks and good luck with your new venture!