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Posted Jul 08, 2018 in: Future Plans
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  • jhosch
  • Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Hi, I discovered Toodledo a few weeks ago and immediately signed off for a GOLD subscription as I have all my notes and todos in one place.

However I would be excited if a few features could be added in order that these services (task, notes,...) are not seen as silos but are interacting

For example if I am taking a notes during a meeting, there are action points to write down for me and team members

Would be fantastic, if out of note taking I could assign tasks to myself and to others

Also sharing could be done more granularly, I would like to share my Notes 1 with person A and B and not C but Note 2 with B and C etc...

Have not found out how to do so ?

Ah and getting a Note Taking editor where you could take easy notes and not have to use HTML codes for highlighting etc ;-)))

But as said it's a fantasic tool for which I am ready to pay for a subscription as it helps me organising my meeting notes and tasks ....

Cheers and kind greetings