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Posted Jan 19, 2012 in: Change Completion Date
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  • papaya
  • Posted: Jan 19, 2012
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I first joined toodledo in 2009. Someone from toodledo promised in the forums that completion date editing was in the pipeline for release in the near future so I decided to join and pay for the pro version to support development costs. More than two years later, I'm still waiting for this "feature." I too normally review my tasks in the morning, which means that checking off tasks for the previous day results in them displaying as if I'd completed them late. I hate this so much that often I end up deleting tasks after completing them instead of checking them off, and I don't get satisfaction of seeing them marked complete. Sometimes I even switch the due date first to the current day and then mark them complete even if they've been completed for days. It's quite absurd.
Despite this, toodledo still meets my needs better than any other tool (especially because of the sorting flexibility, wealth of fields, online task storage and multiplatform availability, and ssl), but I do check out alternatives periodically hoping to jump on the opportunity to switch. I guess it's time for my periodic checking to see if I can find another tool that works for me and allows me to mark when a task was completed.
I would be happy even if this option was only available on the website and not in the APIs or apps at first. It's not a difficult change.