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Posted Apr 14, 2013 in: Notes missing from archive
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I deleted a recurring task, thinking that I could easily recover information in the notes from recently completed tasks. But as described above they are all empty and the current task has been deleted.

That's certainly not what I expected. Is there any way to recover this deleted information?


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Add my vote to the growing list of people requesting this feature. Possibly even a format like +<TAG> to add <TAG> to a list of tasks in multi-edit and -<TAG> to remove a tag from every item in the list where it appears.

Posted Nov 25, 2009 in: Safari
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One thing that could help is the ability to submit new tasks using an http "Get" request.

For example, if I could submit a task using:<my_user_name>/submit?task=Do%20Stuff&DueDate=Now&Folder=work&Priority=To p

It should be pretty easy to write a bookmarklet that can submit using this.

This would probably be useful for other things as well. For example, I could add a link to Google reader for sending items directly to ToodleDo:

Posted Sep 10, 2009 in: Safari
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Here is a bookmarklet that should work:

javascript:void((function(){if(document.body){var%20v=0.18;var%20s='';if(window.getSelection){s=wind ow.getSelection()}else%20if(document.getSelection){s=document.getSelection()}else%20if(document.sele ction){s=document.selection.createRange().text}else{return}var%20p=prompt('New%20task','d%20toodledo %20'+s+'%20#link');if(p){e=document.createElement('iframe');'port';'hidden'; d ocument.body.appendChild(e);var%20port=document.getElementById('port');port.src='http://www.twitlet .com/updates/?a=INSERT TWITLET STRING HERE&t='+encodeURIComponent(p)}}else{window.location=''}})());

You'll need to delete spaces and carriage returns from the above, the forum seems to have mangled it something awful.

To make this work, you will need to sign up for updates via twitter (and a twitter account of course). You will then need to make a bookmarklet at the Twitlet site

Edit the bookmarklet that the Twitlet site made for you and copy the string that is inserted between: "src='" and &t='+encodeURIComponent(p)}} replace the string INSERT TWITLET STRING HERE in the above bookmarklet with that string. Basically this string contains an encoded version of your twitter username and password.

The bookmarklet as is, will send a direct message to Toodledo with whatever text you have highlighted in the browser and a link to the page. You can edit the message before you send it.

It doesn't look like selecting text works on the iPhone.

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