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Posted Dec 14, 2020 in: We’re Back
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  • erhenius
  • Posted: Dec 14, 2020
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Posted by jeff_1364641852:

erhenius Which Clickup plan did you find met your needs? Free or Unlimited $60/year?
While I expect to pay for a good service I became skeptical with what seemed like car salesman like upsells.
If you're on Unlimited for example, are you still being upsold to higher plans or any À la cart features?

A bit of a late response from me... but hey, can you blame me? hahaha
Anyway, I thought I would start with the free version to test the waters, as of yet I have not felt the need to upgrade to a paid plan.
I thought I would have to but, seems that it is not needed as of yet...

Posted Oct 09, 2020 in: We’re Back
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  • erhenius
  • Posted: Oct 09, 2020
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Posted by SquidgyFishy:

Clickup - really didn't like their inbox.

I switched to Clickup, The inbox is indeed a bit meh. HOWEVER, Clickup is so customizable that it is a non-issue. They have frequent updates adding functionality. Once you go through the program and some YT videos you see how crazy powerful the service is.

Posted by CharleneTX:

MYN is Start date based. But the other major problem I'm having is other apps have 3 priorities and I'm using 4.

Clickup has 5 priorities (none, low, normal, high, urgent). Furthermore, Clickup is so configurable that you all your task organization needs can be met. For your priorities, you can use the default prio column but you can also add a generic column with for example numbers and call it priority, the amount of possible priorities becomes practically infinite. As with all columns you can sort it as you with.

I find this situation extremely weird, I keep returning to the forums to point people towards other products. One thing is for sure, there are better solutions than TD, really. I though there were none like TD, which is true to an extent, however the alternatives are now so much bewetter. I myself swear by Clickup. I'm extremely happy with it. The things I thought I would miss in TD I don't miss at all. The one thing that I really hated letting go were the lists and habbits. Lists were easy to resolve with the various environments Clickup offers and habit tracking I do now with dedicated app my phone and watch (I use streaks combined with health kit), which is a muuuuuch better solution.Sorry for sounding like a Clickup shill, but I am pretty amazed how good it works.
It was a sobering experience to realize there is so much more better things around. No one has to tolerate what TD is doing now, that is why I have no qualms coming here and preaching alternatives.

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Posted Jun 28, 2020 in: Updates to ToodleDo for users
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  • erhenius
  • Posted: Jun 28, 2020
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Yea kind of depends what you exactly want but the platform is very customizable. Indeed this has its pros and cons. I dont think you can get it as compact as Toodledo, however there some good reasons for that. I would advice you to spend at least 2-3 hours to watch some tutorial videos.
One thing should be noted though. If you need a simple app to list tasks then Clickup up is like bringing a nuke to a knife fight. But if you want to have a task manager that which slowly becomes ubiquitous over all platforms and apps, well it does that really well, especially with its chrome extension and extremely wide selection of integration options (such as creating tasks or whatever out of an email in your gmail).
Same goes for the task view, the columns are fully customizable with functionality that you yourself can add to it. Same even goes for task status. You can decide that a task is Done or not, but you can also add other states like "in progress" or "waiting on" or anything you need. The strength of clickup is that you can view you tasks from a myriad of perspectives, Calendar, type, prio, list, gantt, etc. Luckily these are not general settings and each Space/folder/list can be customized individually. For example I made a bunch of labels to identify what kind of a task something is, but that doesn't matter if I put that task into the "Next Actions" list so I dont display that information instead I display things like time spent. There is a bunch of overlap between all task managers, custom views isn't strange for Toodledo, but Clickup does it better in some ways and not so in other.
The thing is that the Toodledo is an awesome task manager on default. Clickup in its attempt to cater to everyone's needs needs to be heavily customized by the individual, which is not a bad thing. I occasionally stumble across very useful things while trying to make the platform fit.
I might be able to give you directions on how-to if you can tell me what it is that you exactly want.

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Posted Jun 24, 2020 in: Updates to ToodleDo for users
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  • erhenius
  • Posted: Jun 24, 2020
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I pulled the trigger for migrating. I switched to ClickUp a few weeks ago. The free environment is already quite sufficient. I really do miss the interface, how compact and straightforward Toodledo is. But Clickup just this week rolled out some features that I missed. Also what I thought I would miss was the habit tracking but when I left Toodledo I found out that habits are tracked better with my phone and watch.
Migration was a bit of a pain but luckily not unreasonable.
The one thing that truly shocked me is the activity of the company. Updates roll out on a weekly basis, there is voting for new functionality and a clear road map. It pains me though to go through this migration phase, Toodledo was where I started and got used to. It has an interesting balance between simplicity and functionality. But it is pretty clear to me that it is lagging behind and that I can not trust it to be future proof.

Posted May 22, 2020 in: We’re Back
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  • erhenius
  • Posted: May 22, 2020
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To put it simple, even amid this s*** storm I actually have upgraded my account and opted to wait another 4 months to see what happens.
The reasons are simple. Although the interface is outdated, there is something to say for 90s style straight up interface. So far I haven't found alternatives offering information compactness that Toodledo offers. Although Toodledo doesn't do well on each specific functionality (Tasks, outlines, notes, lists and habits), it does however do them all and in a practical manner. I prefer this rather than combining several apps.
I see al lot of ppl talking from a "work" productivity perspective, but for me Toodledo is a "life" productivity solution and it works good is it is now.


How things have been going and the poor updates are very worrying and as with others, there is a task in my list for searching alternatives.
First of all the mobile app is not ok and should be fixed ASAP. Even worse is the apple watch app debacle, this is NOT OK!!! I now depend on third party integration to deal with it. Toodledo is in dire need of improvement. More and more other services have awesome functionality and building a good track record. To me Toodledo is now at rock bottom with a very nice product that still has great potential, if you don't move your asses you will get buried down to the seven rings of hell (yes there is even a worse place than rock bottom).

My advice is quite simple. Get the (usability) basics back in order ASAP. After that use this simple Dutch wisdom: It's better to steal a good idea than to conceive a bad one.

You're lagging behind, but you don't have to be on the cutting edge my friend. Just copy functionality from other platforms. Get some ppl on the forums to keep talking with customers. Have chit-chats and thoroughly understand needs and wants and copy functionality that best addresses popular woes. Often needs and wants are not in line.

There is one fear though. What I can glean from the forums is that Toodledo's code might be quite dated and in need of replacement to better integrate new functionality. If that is the case, oh boy, you really need to get moving because getting things back in order while also creating a new platform takes a lot of investment. From what I can see in the forums is that long time customers are jumping ship and without their money, it's pretty much game over.

Good luck, You still got me for 4 months at least....