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Posted Jul 14, 2015 in: Print Lists or Outlines
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  • TuiSVI
  • Posted: Jul 14, 2015
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I am also having difficulty printing. My issue is with printing Lists. I'm using Firefox as my browser. When I click on Toodledo's drop-down menu in the upper RH corner and then click print (like I'm supposed to do I believe), it prints out the drop-down menu over the top of my List, which is a problem. Printing by using Firefox's browser File > Print menu seems to only get me a print-screen (exactly what's onscreen). Also, I know I've printed my Lists before using Toodledo's drop-down menu, so I think it might have something to do with the most recent enhancements that Tooledo has made to Lists (which are great, BTW, up to this point). When I open the List in Internet Explorer, it seems to print OK. I hope the answer isn't, "Don't use Firefox." Any ideas? Is anyone else having this issue and have you been able to resolve it?

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