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Posted by PeterW :
Posted by dsigetich:
Really, REALLY want manual ordering of tasks. You have it already for subtasks. Is there any hope?

Me too... I started using something else because this would be regarded as non-critical and therefore doubtful it will happen any time in the next few years.

@PeterW - would it be possible to contact you directly (aka - outside the forum)? I'd like to ask you about your Todo experience, but it seems off topic for this forum.


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This sounds intriguing....could you please explain this approach of yours more completely? How do you get the time stamp without actually completing/checking off the task?


Posted Feb 20, 2011 in: Returnees Unite
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Posted by kevin_hatch:

But, as I've said in their forums, it's like the beautiful woman I met years ago, took out once, and discovered she had a heart of anthracite coal. I'll take the ugly sister with the heart of gold anyday.

LOL - absolutely PERFECT analogy.

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I completely agree, with ALL your comments in fact. You're not even remotely part of the audience that baffles me - or you wouldn't be here reading this - lol. You've clearly and very carefully thought about all of these issues and made your choices in a way that works for you. That's great.

I'm baffled by the folks that try it for 2 months, get it working for themselves, then bail to another solution that's prettier, only to wind up complaining on those boards that the functionality falls short. This isn't a condition that's unique to software. It's called life ... lol ... and I'm way too cynical to believe I've got any unique or special insight into this behavior.

Thanks for all your great input. It makes for better design and a better solution overall.

Posted Feb 17, 2011 in: The Peter Question: Folders vs Status
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Posted by PeterW:

I work mainly out of the Search view, which has the following tabs:
Inbox - Hotlist - Waiting for - Someday - Next 7 Days - Completed Today.

Appigo Todo
Using the above setup, Appigo Todo just works - you will see the same folders on the home screen, and you can configure the 'Focus' list to show the same tasks that appear in your Toodledo 'Hotlist'. The Appigo Inbox is the same as 'No Folder' in Toodledo, and I've created my own 'Inbox' in Toodledo on the search tab so they're named the same.

Appigo handles projects nicely. You can't set the folder for a subtask in Appigo so all subtasks inherit the parent's folder. This is one reason why they should be the same in Toodledo, and if you don't do this, once you've synced Appigo it will automatically set them back.

Hope this helps. Let me know if something is not clear.[/quote]

Thanks Peter - this was just incredibly helpful for me. I too am an avid Appigo ToDo user, but I had not realized how nicely the Appigo Inbox could be made to play with the "folderless" aspect of Toodledo. Now I've got my default view in Toodledo set to my search screen so when I log in - up pops my Appigo Inbox. Awesome!! Perfect. Thanks again - it never amazes me how such simple insights can help even someone who's been using the tool already for a couple of years.

Posted Feb 17, 2011 in: Returnees Unite
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Quick rant - then I'll try to move on - but no promises. ;-)

I too am a long term subscriber to Toodledo. I've left, poked around, tried dozens of other solutions, and every time I come back. It's almost like shopping around has acted as a cheap (and self-abusive) form of intellectual entertainment. I don't know, I can't explain why I've done what I've done. But I can tell you this - I've wasted hundreds of hours looking at alternatives, trying them, evaluating them and then leaving them to come back to Toodledo.

Nothing else even comes close to the funcationality and productivity that I experience when using Toodledo....nothing.

I'm not wild about it's name - it's too cutesy for my liking - and I use the tool for serious work. I'd like the name to be more serious, like the work it helps me get done. And I don't absolutely LOVE the interface either. I don't hate it, like many have complained - I'm just not passionately positive about it.

But all these complaining comments I've read about the UI design and the "staleness" of the interface....frankly, they just makes me laugh. Have we really become so shallow as a society that people are selecting their applications by visual appeal over how well they get the job done?!??! That's just sad - it says something about us as a a society....maybe as a species.

Get over it people. Use what works for you. Use what makes you more productive. Function trumps form.... every .... single .... time. It's stunning to me that we're still learning that lesson.

Ok - you product design goobers out there - flame on!!

To the development team at Toodledo - thank you!! Keep up the fantastic work. I know that when you've got the spare time and money that you'll get back around to "prettying up the house". Until then, I'm just happy to be getting my stuff DONE.